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New Bride Performs CPR in Wedding Gown

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Check out this latest news from CBS Pittsburgh of a new bride, heroically saving a woman's life on her wedding night!

Are you a child care provider who needs a CPR or First Aid course?

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As a child care provider, you recognize the need of providing competent CPR and First Aid to the children under your care.  In addition, there are licensing requirements that you must comply with in order to continue operating your child care facility.  We are able to schedule a course at a time that meets your needs and will fit with your current CPR or First Aid expiration date. Because of our size and structure, we are also able to tailor the course to the specific health concerns of the children under your care.  If you are caring for children in your home or you are directing a child care center, we are equipped to provide CPR training to you and your staff.  Please call us at 651-771-7778 or at to schedule your CPR and/or First Aid course. 

We are approved by the Minnesota Center for Professional Development ( and conduct trainings through Think Small (, a child care resource and referral agency. You will also see us on the Scott County List of Trainers at:

Hmong CPR Classes!

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Koj puas yog Hmoob thiab xav kawm CPR lossis First Aid?  Peb cov xibfwb hauv Minnesota hais lus Hmoob. Yog koj lossis koj tsev neeg cheem tsum txawj CPR lossis Kev Pab Xwb (First Aid), thov hu peb ntawm xov tooj 651-771-7778 lossis xa email rau  

Train 2 Sustain in Minnesota offers adult, child and infant CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and First Aid courses in the Hmong language. It is our hope that these classes will provide Hmong speaking people with this essential life-sustaining information  If you would like to find more about CPR education in Hmong, please call us at 651-771-7778 or email us at


New CPR Device Improves Chances for Survival

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See Minnesota Public Radio article on how prolonged CPR is possible and successful through new device:

What type of class do I need?

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The American Heart Association offers different levels of CPR, depending on the purpose of the instruction.  The most popular courses that our clients inquire about are Heartsaver CPR AED and BLS for Healthcare Providers.  Here is a description of both for your interest.  As always, if you have any questions on what type of class you need, please contact us at 651-771-7778 or e-mail us at


  • Heartsaver CPR AED is a general CPR course for non-healthcare professionals that equips a person to perform CPR for a family member, friend, child (at home or in a child care setting) or in a public environment.  It also trains a person how to relieve choking and how to use an AED (automated external defibrillator). Individuals in this category are many times amazed at how much they learn in their class and that they can make a difference in sustaining or even saving a life.  Some enjoy it so much that they get together as a group of family and friends for CPR instruction.

  • BLS for Healthcare Providers Course assists healthcare professionals to attain the ability to recognize several life-threatening emergencies, provide CPR, use an AED, and relieve choking in a safe, timely and effective manner.  It also trains these professionals to perform multi-rescuer CPR.  Once you have taken one BLS for Healthcare Providers class and have an unexpired CPR card, you qualify for renewal of that certification.   Please contact us to find out about special pricing for renewal certifications.



Why be CPR certified in-person versus online?

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Even though you may be certified by an online CPR organization and have taken the written test, you will still need your skill set to be evaluated by an instructor in person. Train 2 Sustain, LLC offers thorough in-person instruction even for small classes and on short notice. We adhere to current American Heart Association guidelines and provide complete certification cards valid for two years.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where and when are your classes? We hold CPR classes on Tuesday mornings, Tuesday evenings, Friday mornings and Saturdays afternoons. Our classroom is located in Oakdale, Minnesota near 1-94 and Century Avenue. Off street parking is provided as are light refreshments. Please contact us for classroom availability. 

2. Will you come to our location to teach a class? Yes. We are happy to come to any business location in the Twin Cities Metro Area.

3. How long does a class last? Training a group to competence in Adult/Child/Infant CPR takes approximately 2.5 hours. First Aid requires an additional 2.5.

4. What will each student receive at the end of the class? After successful completion of the course, each student receives an American Heart Association certification card, valid for two years, which indicates that he/she is certified to perform CPR. We also provide a quick reference guide to performing CPR, and a personal barrier device for mouth-to-mask resuscitation (as opposed to mouth-to-mouth).

5. Can you track my CPR expiration date for me, and notify me before it expires? Yes, we are happy to track these and notify you 2 months prior to expiration and schedule a new class. This is a service that we offer free of charge. 

6. When can classes be scheduled? Anytime that is convenient for you and your group. Some people choose early mornings; others prefer lunchtime; and others prefer the course to be held after work. Just let us know what works for you. 

7. How much does a class cost?

  • Initial BLS for Healthcare Provider - $65
  • BLS for Healthcare Provider Renewal (with an unexpired Healthcare Provider card) - $45
  • Heartsaver CPR AED - $45
  • Heartsaver First Aid - $45

8. Is there a discount for multiple students? Yes. We offer special discounts for employers who hold larger classes and individuals who host a CPR party. Please contact us at (651) 771-7778 or e-mail us at to discuss special rates.

9. In what languages are classes available? CPR and First Aid classes are available in both English and Hmong